Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Something Exciting

September is blog month at Compassion and throughout the month of September, Compassion wants 3108 new children to find sponsors. As of yesterday (Monday, 9/17), 1515 new children have sponsors!! That's only 1593 more to go with two weeks left! This is very exciting to me. If you have started sponsoring a child this month or referred a child to someone else or know someone else that has or have thought about or prayed about these children, thank you! You are changing their entire lives.

An amazing example of the life-changing truth of Compassion, check out this video that was posted on the Compassion blog today. Amazing!!

Also, please take the time to look at these kids that have been waiting for over 400 days for a sponsor!! Please pray for them and pray that they will find a sponsor soon. If you are able, please consider sponsoring one (more more!)

Love & Peace

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