Monday, November 12, 2012

10th Ave. North Concert

Last night I volunteered at my first Compassion event, a 10th AVe. North Concert and it was a lot of fun. I've always wanted to be behind one of those big tables full of pictures of children, telling people about my absolute favorite charity.

All of the children available last night live in areas prone to child exploitation and abuse. I learned more specifically what this means. It means that these children are at a greater risk of being human trafficking victims which encompasses some of the greatest evils of the world, human sex trafficking (children as young as three are forced into this), and forced labor (like children making the clothes you're wearing right now). Compassion literally prevents this from happening. Additionally, sponsors that have a child in such an area can choose to give an additional $7 per month. This extra money goes to the country to help with anti-trafficking in that country. You can find a kid for yourself like this on the Compassion website by looking for this symbol.

At the event, after the two opening acts were finished, a member of 10th Ave. North gave a presentation about Compassion. As volunteers, we scattered ourselves around the crowd armed with about forty packets each. Interested individuals raised their hands and we handed out packets to them. It was such an exhilarating feeling to see those hands in the air and place a needy child in their hands. I was close to a group of high school students and once the first girl raised her hand, almost everyone followed suit.

During the intermission we stood in the lobby, helping people sign up to sponsor a child and answer questions. It was so fun. So so so fun. One touching moment was when four high school aged girls picked out a child together and then took a picture with their packet. They all fawned over their child as it was now their collective baby. As the concert got over, a thirteen-year-old boy approached the table and I helped him find a child. I was immediately taken back to my first Compassion experience when I was thirteen and when I picked out my first child and begged my parents to let me do it. I'm not sure if he successfully convinced his parents, but if not, I feel like he'll be back another time.

The evening ended with me talking to my parents about sponsoring another little girl. As I was flipping through packets her picture caught my eye. She's five and lives in Columbia and has this adorable smile. As I began to read I saw that there are 10 children in her family, plus she lives in an area prone to exploitation and abuse. I wanted her to find a sponsor so bad. When the night came to an end and she didn't have a sponsor I knew I had to take her so I did. I'll have another post about her later in the week because I'm so excited about her!

Have a happy Monday!

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