Wednesday, January 9, 2013

How are the countries Compassion works in chosen?

When you look at a country like Ghana, it is clear that there is huge need for assistance. However, you can say the same for many countries of the world (like most of Africa, large portions of Asia...) and Compassion doesn't work in these countries. Why?

There are four criteria that must be met before Compassion can begin work in a country.

1. God's leading. Every decision Compassion makes is heavily prayed upon.

2. Strong local church partners. The country must have Christian leaders and churches that can support and carry out Compassion's model of child development.

3. Government support. The country's government must allow Compassion to work there.

4. Risk Management: The country must have a provision for international banking and no legal barriers for working there.

So it's not an easy thing to do - getting countries signed up to allow Compassion to work there. There are is undoubtedly a long list of places Compassion would love to go, but can't get. However, with God's guidance, someday they will and someday extreme poverty will be eradicated. (It already is - one child at a time).

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