Saturday, December 22, 2012

Melany knows my name!

Today is an exciting day for me because I received an email from Compassion informing me of an important event in Melany's life - that she was recently told she has a sponsor and she knows my name! Therefore I should be receiving my first letter from her shortly! *cheer*

I was also provided the link to this great blog post that explains how the children learn they have a sponsor. I had no idea it was such a long process!

1. Melany's parents signed her up to be in the project.
2. Staff in the Columbia country office and her local church partner pray for her and that she finds a sponsor. 
3. I see her adorable picture and sign up to sponsor her at an event.
4. My information is mailed to the Compassion offices in Colorado.
5. They process my information.
6. The Communications Department in Columbia receives a list of new children that have sponsors.
7. That department prints the list out and gives each child an age-appropriate letter template and puts this in "pigeon holes" for each project in the country.
8. The individual center workers then visit the country office to pick up this information and take it back to the center to inform Melany and her family.
9. The center worker files the information at the project.
10. The center worker goes to Melany's home to inform her and her family of this great news!
It might look something like this:
11. The center worker then gathers information about the family so Melany can write her first letter to me (which will probably be written on behalf of her by a center worker because she is so young).

We can talk about the journey letters take another time.

It's cool to think that this is happening right now all over the world and it just happened for this sweet little girl! Can't wait to get my first letter from her and from Melina!

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